Every Step Of The Way

The Grout Matters Experience

Step 1

Contact Us to Schedule a Consultation

Get in touch by phone or email to set up a date and time for our experienced team members to come to your business or home for a free consultation.

Step 2

15 Minute On-Site Consultation

We come to you to evaluate your tile surfaces and determine what needs to be done. Afterwards, a quote will be sent via email.

Step 3

the Job

Call or email us to schedule a time to complete your tile projects.


Step 4

We Do the Work

We’ll send a tile & grout specialist to complete the job. We manage the cleaning, waste removal, and all that your tile needs for a beautiful and easy-to-maintain finished surface.


Phone: (616) 682-0252
E-mail: JMosher@Grout-Matters.com
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