Our process of cleaning and color sealing tile & grout leaves your tile surfaces looking better than new. In addition to sparkling tile, you’ll get the added benefit of a surface that is easier to clean and maintain, allowing for tile that always helps your business look its best.

Our Tile Cleaning & Color Seal Process:

Step 1: We apply an alkaline tile & grout cleaner to the surfaces being treated, which loosens the dirt that has become trapped in the tile & grout surfaces, making it easier to scrub clean.

Step 2: We scrub the entire area using a specialized tile & grout scrubbing machine. The machine scrubs the surfaces while extracting the dirt and cleaning solution. Using the clean rinse water stored in the machine, a thorough rinsing of the surfaces happens simultaneously. This allows for rapid drying times.

Our machines allow us to clean several hundred square feet of tile per gallon of water used, making for a very efficient and environmentally friendly process.

Step 3: We apply a colored sealer to all grout joints. This makes the grout perfectly uniform in color and nearly stain proof. Cleaning your grout will be much easier after this process, cutting down on the time and effort needed to maintain pristine tile.

Step 4: Finally, we buff your floors with a soft pad. This will remove any haze or residue that may have been left behind. This process restores the original finish to your tile surfaces.


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