In the tub and shower, grout joints begin to deteriorate and discolor over time. Mildew and mold eventually make their home deep in the pores of the grout and caulk where you can no longer clean it. Your tiles, however, rarely lose their original beauty. Our grout & caulk removal and replacement process will give you that “new” look at a fraction of the cost of replacing your tile or installing a shower insert. The job is conveniently performed in just one day allowing customers to resume use as quickly as possible.

Our Regrout and Recaulk Process:

Step 1: We use specialized hand tools to scrape the existing grout from the joints. These tools are designed to take the proper depth of grout out of the joint in order to ensure the new grout will bond correctly. We choose to use hand tools for this process in order to minimize dust and mess.

Step 2: We cut existing caulk or silicone out of the 90 degree joints, then scrape out the residue and use silicone removing solution if necessary.

Step 3: We clean trouble areas with appropriate cleaners as needed. These may include anti-mildew cleaners, mold blockers, rust removers, soap scum remover, and more.

Step 4: We mix new grout with grout sealing admix to protect the new grout and increase its durability, then install it in all grout joints. We then install new silicone or caulk in appropriate areas. Finally, we buff the grout haze from tile surfaces when grout surface dries.


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